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What's Wild?! Card Game A Huge Hit

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The launch of What's Wild?! has marked a new era for family card games. The idea of the game is simple—at its core, it is essentially a sophisticated rummy game. But the clever design and the excitement of the "Chameleon Card" make What's Wild?! irresistibly fun and wonderfully addictive.

What's Wild?! is the first game published by newly-founded Little Shoe Publishing, Inc., a family-owned company based in Illinois. The family put their minds together and successfully turned an old family favorite into the best family card game since Uno®. Instead of cards featuring suits, the game's cards are made up of four different animal skins—alligator, cheetah, peacock, and zebra. And to further the "Wild" theme of the game, when a player's hand allows him or her to end a round of play, he or she must declare, "I'm going wild!"

A complete game of What's Wild?! includes 10 rounds. Each player receives three cards to begin the first round, and by the final round, each player is holding 12 cards in his or her hand. Players collect appropriately-named "herds" and "caravans"—called "books" and "runs" in traditional rummy games— throughout each round, until they are able to "Go Wild," or end the round.

Where the game truly separates itself from all others is the inclusion of the card that changes the Wild Card throughout the game, creatively named the "Chameleon Card." The four Chameleon Cards give the game a sort of "Old Maid" feel, in that if the card is in a player's hand when another player "Goes Wild," the player holding the Chameleon Card is awarded the maximum amount of points. In a game in which the low score wins, players must carefully weigh their options for playing Chameleon Cards when holding one. Playing the card too early may allow the Wild Card to be changed in later turns, but holding on to it too long may lead to an avalanche of points. The Chameleon Card makes each round of every game of What's Wild?! new, exciting, and completely unpredictable.

What began as a home game favorite has become the next great family card game. Innovative card design and well-thought out game play should prove to make What's Wild?! a family favorite for generations to come.

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