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"A lot of fun for kids and adults alike" Bella Online Game Reviews
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  • "What's Wild?! features fun, colorful cards and is an easy game to teach to others. It also can be a fun card game for family game night since it should be a lot of fun for the kids and adults alike."

"Really Wild!" Nights and Weekends Game Reviews
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  • "With its fun cards and an exciting twist or two, What’s Wild?! is one wild and crazy rummy game. It’s easy enough for younger players, but it’s still challenging enough for Mom and Dad—and that makes it a game that the whole family will love."
  • "Though it’s quick to learn and easy to play, the extra twists in What’s Wild?! add plenty of excitement."
  • "The greatest twist, though, is the chameleon card—and that’s what makes the game really wild. You can plan all you want—but you never really know which number will be wild at the game’s end. And the more players you have, the crazier it gets. "

"3 1/2 stars!" ADD Board Game Reviews
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  • "The real question is, 'does it improve upon the classic game of rummy?' My answer
    is yes!
  • "This is a very simple game to teach people to play. It's a fun, very very light card game, but one that does improve upon rummy."


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